Vakansi Bersama White Shoes And The Couple Company

Saya bukan fans fanatik dari band ini, namun acapkali ketagihan menonton aksi panggung dari White Shoes And The Couple Company (WSATCC). Masih ingat di kepala, saat WSATCC mengguncang sebuah pub. Suasana-nya, keceriaan, hiruk pikuk bercampur asap rokok, berdendang bersama, bergoyang sepanjang malam. Membuat semua hati gembira. Riang. Riuh.


My Kind of Person

I'm not a trend follower. I like simplicity on what i wear, timeless and durable. In addition to everyday wear, I wear these shoes for cooking. Maybe later my son, Ragasatra, can wear my shoes. 


Look Up: Wendy Suherman

Photograph: Erlangga Dimas

He's been running one of the best denim brand in the country, Sixteen Denim Scale.

What time do you like to be at your desk?
Usually around 9.00-9.30 AM
What do you do before going to work?
Checking my emails, taking shower, and having my breakfast. Sometimes I jog at nearby running tracks before breakfast.

How to organize your team?
No pressure, and always fun and happy, I want them to love my company and the whole team they’re working in, as well as the daily situation in the office.
What does your support team look like?
I always think about their personal life. For me, their happiness is more important than their jobs; for if they are contented with their life, surely they will be pleased with their jobs.
How do you describe your management style?
Open management style; more open for ideas, inputs, and answers.
Are tough decisions best taken by a single person?
Nope, I usually throw the tough ones to the floor to let me and my team discuss them together.
What would your key piece of management advice be?
Forging a team with diverse strengths, having the  courage to try to do what you think is right, cultivating passion, determination and humility in the place you are working at.
Do you want to be liked or respected?
I wanna be liked outside the work as their friend but respected in the office as their leader. Actually im still learning how to be a good leader in front of them, still long way to go but im doing it now to equip myself to be a leader whom they love and can be inspired for them so they can do better than me.


Open Table Brunch Bersama Danang dan Darto

Kebahagian yang sulit terungkap lewat tulisan.

PENYALUR HASRAT SAYA DALAM MEMASAK; OPEN TABLE, akhirnya bisa terwujud kembali setelah sekian lama tertidur. Ya beginilah, saya menjalankannya dengan senderhana, pelan-pelan. Saya tidak mau mendorong Open Table menjadi sebuah badan usaha sangat komersil yang mendatangkan laba besar dari setiap pagelarannya. Keep it underground.

Open Table Popping Up for Bandung's Foodies

Article from The Jakarta Globe. 

            Jakarta, 2015. haring a meal at a nice restaurant together with family and friends is certainly one of the most popular pastimes among urbanites in Indonesia. But dining at a pop-up restaurant offers a unique alternative to eating out as it is a completely different experience.
            Temporary restaurants, often opened in underused spaces and locations, not only makes the guests feel special but also gives the creators and chefs the opportunity to showcase their culinary creativity. Pop-up restaurants have gained popularity in Britain and the US since the early 2000s but it was not until a few years ago that the concept took hold across the globe and made its way to Indonesia.
            Arifin Windarman, a product designer and chef from Bandung, was fascinated by the idea. When he met his good friend Lukman Gunawan, a graphic designer with a fondness for seafood, at a restaurant and the conversation topic began cruising around pop-up restaurants, they decided to bring this new trend to their own city — and Open Table was born.
            “We wanted to introduce a new concept of dining that brings people together who relate to one another through fun and love, because we strongly believe that the culinary world is not only about food,” Arifin recalls. Lukman and Arifin share the same passion for cooking, and, according to Arifin, complement each other perfectly as business partners. “I’m a proton, Lukman is a neutron — we charge each other and then blend in the same playing area,” he explains.