Namaaz by Adrian Ishak

It's fun dining!

MY ARRIVAL ON THIS RESTAURANT WITH NO SIGN SYSTEM was welcomed by “Mbah Dukun” song by Alam, one of the phenomenal dangdut singer. I guess I was mistaken the place with some dimly lit tavern.

Apparently I was coming to the right place: Namaaz by Adrian Ishak. That night, the gloomy atmosphere indeed filled the place. The rain has fallen to the streets around Kebayoran Baru. I came to this place with my big curiosity; It’s not the first time I tasted dishes with molecular gastronomy technique. But this was my first experience enjoying Indonesian  dishes with that technique.

IDR 1,155,000 - That was the price you have to pay for 17 dishes with “Street Food” theme that night. Rujak Semangka, Kerak Telor, Ayam Bakar, Sate Padang, Pangsit Kuah, Kue Cubit, Es Podeng, and so on, served on the table with very different appearances.

Ayam Bakar served with burn paper flakes, Cireng Bumbu Rujak seems like Churros, but the taste remained the same with the real one. “What you see is not what you get,” one of the sous chefs said. That’s true, but I couldn’t get any higher level of flavors from that. All dishes served in small portions. My stomach was nearly full when I ate Soto Betawi with beautiful presentation on the fourth main course.

It’s probably around two hours I’ve spent on having dinner in Namaaz. This was already informed when I first came in. I sat down by the big window, alone. Yes, I came here alone, but I didn’t feel any lonely, because all the time I was entertained by the feedback from the people around while they’re enjoying their dishes (except for some kids screaming around).

When I decided to make a reservation in this restaurant, I didn’t expect too much on their food. If it’s the taste that attracted me, of course there are many other Indonesian food restaurants with better taste—so what I expect from this place is the experience. And it’s quite entertaining.

Namaaz located in Jalan Gunawarman No. 42 Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan DKI Jakarta 12110, Indonesia. Reservation at info@namaazdining.com

Thanks to Sixteen Denim Scale, I can make it here. — (P)


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