Aimee Saras, After Lunch at Loewy

“WHO THE HELL IS AIMEE SARAS?!” my partner asked (or precisely shouted) to me, which he finished by a remark, “even the name alone I’ve never heard of.” That was a piece of a story when I was preparing the re-opening Sixteen Denim Scale flagstore at PVJ mall Bandung, 2014. 

Indeed, most people barely knew this attractive woman. And perhaps only a few people who memorized Aimee as one of the hosts in English TV program in one of the national TV channel.

“I want to host English program. But at the end, Indonesian TV programs usually required to be funny. Well, with my character like this, I need something more related with, though it doesn’t have to be affiliated with my image right now,” so she said when I asked why she rarely appears on TV nowadays.

“It is true that my educational background is media. It’s been my long-lost obsession to have a career in broadcasting industry. I’ve been in love with music and burbling since back then. My kind of work that could be still seen to be fit and relatable to what I’m to do. I want to take broadcasting. How I love writing, I love in front of the camera, and that is important I like to talk.”

That was the beginning of my conversation with Aimee, when we met again in a restaurant around Mega Kuningan, Jakarta, a year after I had invited her to Bandung.

THEN WHY SUDDENLY INTO MUSIC? “I’ve been part of a handful of choirs and theatre since I was young, but I wasn’t supported by my closest family yet. As cliché as it may sound, they still underestimate artist’s profession. So they didn’t really support me that much.”

“For me, music is about finding my soul. I love music because i love to sing. Music is more personal, what we express in music is more understandable by people, because we can enjoy music everywhere.”

“For a long time, when it comes to music, I always prefer musical, Broadway-like, and swing music. Actually I’ve learned those genres since I was a little. When I watched old movies, for example, I always attracted with its music, though I didn’t know what kind of music it was, which I acknowledged later on that it was indeed the swing.”

“Although in high school I already performed swing music, but apparently, my following experience as a part of Joko Anwar’s Onrop project made me believe more that it is my music.”

“I was really all out, the energy was there. It was big. I loved being in a musical performance like Onrop.”

“Then after the show was over, I want to make music with these people. They’re really inspiring. I am lucky to finally make friend with their music director who now acts as my producer, Aghi Narottama.”

Music is the reflection of self-character, no? “For me, it’s really important that music is, in fact, our very self-character, though we have to find that character. People always said that they want to explore music to find something new. But for me, I was reserved into musical—it is my character.”

“There is a difference when you like the music but that is not you. You have to have your soul and you have to love it to create a piece of art.”

CAN YOU IMAGINE THE SUMMARY of my conversation with Aimee Saras? Accompanied by her husband-slash-manager, we had a long chat while enjoying our weekend lunch at Loewy. Image, figure, every character she has in herself is very powerful, so that I invited her to re-opening store party. Even though I haven’t met her yet at that time, I believed she could entertain the guests and gave people a fresh atmosphere in the broad Indonesian music stage.

See how strong the character of Aimee Saras, but she can still feel the environment, because for her, we as human being have to be able to look around beyond our surroundings. There should be a balance between creativity and market, be a choice when we want a wide range market.

Is it important to have a change in human life? “Why not? There is comfort zone area in every human, and that’s dangerous to dwell in. Everything will eventually has be rebuild, something that you change in yourself.”

When is the right time for us to change? “When there are no longer challenges, I think that is the sign we have to rebuild. When you play it safe, I think you have to find something new.”

Is it tiring to be Aimee Saras? “No, because this is what I want. I think all of this with my heart. I love the process, and to be exhausted in a fun way. To be like this, we need challenge, so the process will follow. Everything is no longer tiring anymore. I enjoy it all.”

“The challenge is to stop people who wants to change the way I express my music. There are many people who want to affect me to be who I don’t want to be.”

This lunch is supported by Sixteen Denim Scale. Thank you very much! — (P)


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