OPEN TABLE is a pop-up restaurant created by Arifin Windarman and me. Only be opened at certain times at festivals, private home, unexpected places, even former factory or similar. We are just two guys who love culinary things, we cook, sometimes we fail, we fix it, then we eat. Sometimes things happen out of our prognosticate, we think and always do think, that after fails there will be enlighten triumph. We cook from the heart, we don’t care of skin burnt by flambe, or skin cuts by chef knife, we do care about guest experience of having our food.

For the first time we made ​​the OPEN TABLE in a public event called Keuken #3. That time OPEN TABLE in collaboration with Gaza Restaurant and House The House Studio presented OPEN TABLE No.1 "MEDITERRANEO" at Lodaya Sporting District. It’s very limited seat, we just served for 20 special guest per session by RSVP.

We was making a full set menu lunch and dinner with various home-made exotic dishes, freshly inspired by three areas of Mediterranean: Eastern Mediterranean, Southern Europe, and North Africa. We think Mediterranean food is vividly sensual, full of flavour and dazzling freshness.

Snacks: Falafel, Börek, Dolmeh, Chai Haleeb
Starter: Italian Fish Balls, Mejillones Madrilenos, Sweet and Sour Prawn, Cold Ginger Lemonade, Yellow Lemonade Sorbet
Main Course: Bouillabaisse, Mediterranean Lamb Chop
Dessert: Rose Petal Panna Cotta, Homemade Red Bean Ice Cream, Homemade Raisin Cookies

The first event was a great success! We were very pleased. We hope this success will continue in the next OPEN TABLE events. Thanks to our guest, Gaza RestaurantMelken MilkHouse The HouseKeukenunkl347Amble Footwear, and ELLE Décor Indonesia. Thanks for all support, it was an amazing collaboration! — (P)


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